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It's innovative, effective, and 100% saves UFH installers and screeders time and money on every project. If you're a leader in the industry or aspire to be, then Laminon UFH Grid is a 'no brainer' for easy and effective installation that works the first time.

Laminon UFH Membrane Grid


  • High strength, reinforced, woven fabric coated in specialist polypropylene

  • Due to the super high tensile strength, it ensures the pipes stay in place and don’t tear the material during the screeding process

  • Use with as little as 25mm insulation and still get guaranteed staple security

  • Say goodbye to staple pull-through, floating pipes and screed repairs. 



  • Incredibly quick to lay!

  • No unfolding required, simply kick out the roll the length of the room

  • Save up to 30% in membrane installation time alone

  • 1 person can easily install as opposed to needing a 2 person team

  • Accurately printed grid makes it easy to mark out rooms for building layouts, so even an apprentice can install the UFH pipes correctly every time

  • Save up to 45% on pipe install time and layout, whilst getting it perfect

Laminon UFH Grid Membrane On Large Scale Project
UK Screeders Using Laminon UFH Grid Membrane


  • Acts as a slip membrane ensuring that you have a complete separation layer between the insulation and screed

  • Since it lays so flat with no creases it drastically lowers the potential for screed cracking due to an uneven membrane fitting

  • Reinforced woven material acts as a screed reinforcement for thinner screeds

  • Reduce your membrane wastage by up to 30% since it's an easy roll to work with

  • Lays perfectly flat eliminating cold bridges and cracking



  • When you use Laminon UFH Grid, you're amongst the top professionals in the industry using the latest innovations in your field

  • With the accurate printed grid pattern, you can take photos as part of your work process as a warranty guarantee once the UFH pipes are installed

  • Why not back up your work, and prove your correct install layout with photo evidence, as per the UFH Grid

Laminon UFH Grid Membrane - Outdoor Wet System


Laminon UFH Rolls - Pallet
Perfect Screed With Laminon UFH Grid Membrane

Laminon is a reinforced coated woven fabric offering super high tensile strength, which ensures the pipes stay in place and don’t tear the material during the screeding process. Each roll has a printed grid as standard, giving correct pipe and clip spacing every time with no guess work!


A specialist product for the underfloor Heating market - it is a lamination of industry-leading technologies designed to give results while installing a wet underfloor Heating system.

SKU                         SIZE                                PALLET QTY

1118S                    1.2m x 25m                 200

1119S                    1.2m x 50m                 100

1120S                    1.2m x 100m               50

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